Yin Yoga & Organ Health Training

This Teacher Training focuses on the healing practice of Yin Yoga, the invisible world of qi, meridians and emotions and how to keep the organs balanced, from a Western and Eastern perspective.

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50 hrs Yoga Alliance

After completing this Teacher Training you will receive a certificate about 50hrs Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.

Rich & divers content 

Gain insightful understanding of the invisible world - qi, meridians, emotions - and how to balance the organs. 

Wise guidance 

Experience Yin Yoga practice with renowned yoga teacher, osteopath and author Mirjam Wagner.

Content of each chapter

Yin Yoga & Organ Health Training

€450,00 EUR

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This divers training - with profound knowledge and empowering practice - focuses on the therapeutic use of Yin Yoga in relationship to the vital functions and qualities of our organs when looking at them from Western and Eastern perspectives. 

Mirjam Wagner guides you through this fascinating material with a solid background and a sincere interest in your wellbeing and growth. 

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Mirjam about this course

How can we support our organ health with Yin Yoga?

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Watch this video and read the FAQ below to find out.


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