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Yin Yoga & Organ Health Training

This complete training focuses on the healing practice of Yin Yoga, the invisible world of qi, meridians and emotions and how to keep the organs balanced, from a Western and Eastern perspective. 

50 hrs Yoga Alliance

 450,00 €


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Respiratory System & Pranayama Training

Mirjam and David guide you through the Respiratory System with Yin & Yang practices and a variety of Pranayama techniques to support a smooth flow of breath.

50 hrs Yoga Alliance

380,00 €

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Feminine Archetypes


Discover all aspects of a woman's journey and explore your full potential with curiosity and courage to live a life with joy, peace & power.

15 hrs Yoga Alliance

139,00 €

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Hormones - Balance your Life

Get to know the Endocrine System from Western & Eastern perspective so you can make wise choices and stay healthy throughout all states & stages in life.

10 hrs Yoga Alliance

89,00 € 

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