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Respiratory System & Pranayama Training

Mirjam and David guide you through the Respiratory System with Yin & Yang practices and a variety of powerful Pranayama techniques to support a smooth, healthy flow of breath.

50 hrs Yoga Alliance

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380,00 €

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Yin Yoga & Organ Health Training

This complete training focuses on the healing practice of Yin Yoga, the invisible world of qi, meridians and emotions and how to keep the organs strong and healthy, from a Western and Eastern perspective. 

50 hrs Yoga Alliance 

 450,00 €

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Feminine Archetypes


Discover all aspects of a woman's journey and explore your full potential with curiosity and courage. We want to live a life with meaning, power and joy while transitioning the different cycles of life. 

15 hrs Yoga Alliance

159,00 €

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Hormones - Balance your Life

Get to know the Endocrine System from Western & Eastern perspective so you can make wise choices and stay healthy throughout all states & stages in life.

10 hrs Yoga Alliance

Online Course with Live Sessions will be offered later in the year again 


89,00 € 

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