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Mirjam Wagner


In her search for holistic well-being on a physical, emotional and intellectual level, Mirjam Wagner has deepened her own knowledge and experience in various fields.

Her passion is both, the scientific background of the human body with embryology, anatomy, physiology and pathology of organs and hormones and the psychological background of human behaviour.

She loves to work with women in order to uncover conscious and unconscious limitations of their full potential. Yin Yoga, Organ Health, Hormones and the Feminine Archetypes support an empowering healing process from within.

In her teachings Mirjam combines the scientific understanding of the human body with a holistic and spiritual approach by integrating Meditation, Mindfulness, Chinese Medicine & Buddhism.

Through her own life and experiences, Mirjam is an authentic, very caring teacher who shares her teachings with passion, professional structure and a deep love for human beings.

The Academy 


Mirjam Wagner has been teaching for many years and inspires people all over the world. The Mirjam Wagner - Academy was born from the impulse to make this inspiration digitally accessible and to offer not only individual videos but comprehensive courses. Courses that are dedicated to a topic in a holistic and scientific way. Hormones, Feminine Archetypes, Organ Health and many more to follow. The courses resemble an inspiring journey with well structured chapters that build on each other. The content varies from high quality videos, to explanatory texts and downloadable material. Start your journey now and explore our courses.


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