Yin for life

Nourishing guidance for women in all stages


After an exciting journey I am very honoured to introduce Yin for life to you:

May you feel inspired and supported, share tears and laughter, get excited and reflective, absorb the insights and enjoy the practice so you can make wise choices along the way, as a free conscious woman in this world.

English / German / Spanish

FRENCH version coming soon!

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This is Yin for life

Chapters full of inspiration, scientific & holistic background and solid practice. Get a glimpse into the individual sections and take a look inside the book.

Part 1


What is a woman's full potential? Follow Mirjam Wagner's vision, her personal path and transformation into the woman she has become.

Part 2

A Woman's Body

Learn more about embryology, anatomy, organs and hormones to fall again in love with your precious body and support her with kindness and compassion.

Part 3

Yin Yoga

This quiet and healing practice invites us into a place of stillness and self-care to befriend ourselves and support our own healing process. 

Part 4

Feminine Archetypes

Explore all aspects of a woman's potential and meet 7 Feminine Archetypes in form of the Greek Goddesses, with all their shadows and all their light. 

Part 5

Spiritual Path

Mirjam shares some of the spiritual traditions that have influenced her own growth while offering nourishing guidance through different phases of her life.

Part 6

Yin for life

There are four essential stages in a woman's life that come with different qualities, needs and challenges and may shift our priorities and choices.

Reading sample

More insights 

by Mirjam Wagner

My intention to write 

Yin for Life


Women of this world have the power and the necessary skills to bring transformational change to their own lives and the lives of others. However, we need to become our own best friend first by getting to know and embrace all our aspects, shadow and light. Yin for Life brings a new understanding of some of the miracles that we are made of – body, psyche, mind. It is necessary to focus on the often neglected Yin qualities to cultivate our talents, skills and intuition and apply them appropriately to live an authentic and purposeful life.


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What others say about Yin for life

Anouk Macchetti

Author & Poet

»Drawing on her experience and fields of study , Mirjam takes us on a journey into what it means to be a woman today. A must-read for all women wishing to step more fully into themselves, their womanhood and their lives.«


Anaska Fischer

Author & Life coach

»It is said that we do not come to life with an instruction manual. However, Mirjam Wagner succeeds here in offering solutions to life's challenges through all stages with emotional guidance and practices.«


Susanne Haegele

Author of
Hormonal Harmony

»This book is unique - there is no other which combines the personal and the universal in this way. It will become your trusted companion on your journey as a woman.«


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Yin for life

An empowering invitation for women of this world to get to explore all aspects and potential of their essence and become their own best friend along all stages in life.

In English, German, Spanish and - soon also in French!

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