Feminine Archetypes

This course invites you to dive into the world of the feminine archetypes and cultivate your full potential as a free woman in this world. Learn more about these seven Goddesses with all their light and shadow aspects while exploring ways how to use their qualities and grow with their challenges.

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Seven powerful Goddesses

Explore the Feminine Archetypes in extensive chapters including knowledge about their characteristics, their light and shadow. Support the outstanding strength of each of them within seven different Yoga sequences.

Vulnerable Goddesses

The first group of Goddesses includes Persephone, Demeter & Hera. These three Archetypes are relationship oriented and need to find their own voice to take appropriately care of themselves. 

Virgin Goddesses

Athena, Artemis & Hestia belong to the group of Virgin Goddesses. They all are  highly independent and follow their own intuition. Empathy and connection to the world around them is something for them to cultivate and improve.

Alchemical Goddes

The last group is occupied by just one Goddess, Aphrodite. She alone possesses the power of transformation and can generate new life. Aphrodite shares qualities of both of the other groups yet differs in many aspects.

Content of each chapter

Feminine Archetypes

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Deepen your knowledge about the Feminine Archetypes and your own power! Mirjam Wagner guides you through the diverse world of these powerful Goddesses. An inspiring combination of profound knowledge, solid practices and enriching reflections.

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Mirjam Wagner about this course

What is so special about the Feminine Archetypes? Which contents await you? Learn more in Mirjam's video and get answers to the questions you might have before you start in our FAQ below.


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